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Hannah, Katerina and myself are preparing to make the move to my penthouse suite in Manhattan.It is one of the many safehouses I keep across the globe. My first choice would have been to return to Europe; my castle in Hungary, or the keep in Transylvania, perhaps, but my Kitty wished to stay in the States and I want to keep her happy.
Hannah is excited about going to New York as she has never been and has always wanted to go there. She and Kitty have not made up yet
( They have both been doing their best to avoid one another.Its actually kind of cute in a juvenile way. )
We shall see what happens when the two of them get to New York...
Truth to tell, locale is not all that important to me, however, as long as I am surrounded by my people and the area is fairly cosmopolitan...
But I will be sad to leave Sunnydale, to be honest. I have grown fond of this little place in a short amount of time.And to my amazement, I have actually made friends here that I care about dearly.
But they all seem to be leaving as well...
I will keep the mansion here, as I adore it, and hope that it is not destroyed in this apocalypse that everyone keeps speaking of...
I believe we shall leave Monday evening, late.
I hope that all goes well and that we have a home to return to....
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