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A Time to Rest.......

I finally got us all here, "here" being a nice RV camp ground (still in Utah) about 1.5 miles from a Buddhist Temple. By this point, I'm very tired from all of the driving that I have been doing, so before paying a visit to the temple I think that I'll get us all ( Willy, Astraeia, and me ) some hot food before getting some sleep.

(just after finishing the meal I raise my cup and say:)
"Here's to good friends we've found and good friends we've lost along the way"

Well friends, we are paid up, in camp fees, for 3 days. I need to sleep, so I'll see you two in a few hours. Be Cool, and remember to never step on SuperMan's cape, sword fight Zoro, or play cards with a guy that has a same first name as a city.

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