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Shopping at Sunset

I am so excited! What an evening we have had so far...
The girls and I rushed out just as the final dying rays of the sun sank below the horizon...
We had shopping to attend to, and would not be hindered by Mother Nature!
Any woman, even one who is a vampire, lets NOTHING get in the way of shopping!
But, anyway, we visited serveral exclusive boutiques...Gucci, Prada, Armani...
Hannah got the most delightful little black cocktail dress...Its adorable!
She insisted on wearing those Adidas of hers with it, but I quickly put the nix on that..!
A few pouts and a whine later, I had her in a pair of black leather pumps...She looks delectable!
Katerina, another victim of my pampering, got the most wonderful dress as well..She looks stunning, and even tho she tells me she is unused to dressing this way, she wears it like a veteran...
She does indeed look like royalty.
Outfits out of the way, we rush over to Broadway to see The Phantom of the Opera!
The girls are so excited!
It will be grand indeed....
Evenings like this are why I am glad that I am a rich vampire....
Hmm...that must have sounded a bit snooty...
Ah, to the show!
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