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And now Las Vegas.............

Willy, Astraeia, and myself have made it to wonderful Las Vegas. Other than the rather really odd fact that Willy looks like some guy who owes money to the Mob, our stay here has been most outstanding and unusual. After getting some special heavy duty shocks put onto the winnebago(the old ones got worn-out at a motor park we stayed at, just outside of LA, while I went out for tacos and cherry-coke.), I had to take care of a mis-understanding between Willy and some "family" men before it got out of hand. I used my "computer mojo" and things got settled. Not long after that, I was invited to a high-stakes "private" poker game where I won a really cool small monkey from a weird rich guy from Columbia. I took the monkey to a Vet to make sure he's healthy, and everything is good to go. I found that the monkey likes Harry Chappan music, so I named him Harry. I have not had this much fun since the time I dropped a nasty virus into the first carnivore main-frame, so with that said, I thought that I should do something for somebody else (to balance out the karma). Harry seems to like french-fries so we went to McDonalds for fries and I set up my laptop in a back booth. When all was said and done, there was an unemployed single-mother in Indiana who won the state lotto($86million) and the administrators of an animal/chemical testing lab got arrested for having gigs upon gigs of kiddy-porn on there computers. It's getting late time for me and Harry to head back to the hotel for some rest.........
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