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On The Road Again

...can I get Frequent Flyer Miles or
First I couldn't get to Sunnydale, now
I can't seem to get away from it!
I did meet some very
people . Had fun.
I got chased OUT of town. Usually I can take
a HINT, but ...still got work to do there.
*Looks at Demetria*
Ok, I called the clan back home, gave them a heads up.It's after sunset, so if I HAVE to, I can probably manage to shapeshift if trouble finds me.
Smartass. You all set with the mojo?
"Anytime you're ready."
Been ready since this morning, greeneyes.*Stands. Picks up bag of 'tricks'.*
*Listens to Demetria recite teleportation spell-trigger*
"Roads open, way now clear
Dark's upon us, stars to guide-
Let her safely cross the void
Until sun's rising, she'll abide."

"Right. Once I hand you the talisman, the
spell will activate. Don't lose it, Erynne.
Whoever's holding it at sunrise day after
tomorrow will wind up here."

Got it. *Takes small metal disk Demetria
hands to her*
*Reappears in Sunnydale, standing outside
Willy's Bar*
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