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Departures and Lamentations

Everything is packed for our late night flight to New York.The servants have secured the mansion as best they could, and we leave by limo to the private airstrip momentarily.
Hannah has said nothing...shes being quite the brat over this tiff with Katerina....
I wonder if it has to do with more than just what happpened between myself and my Kitty....
Hmm...I hope not.
At any rate, things had best be settled in Manhattan...I simply refuse to babysit, or referee may be a better term, this situation for very much longer.
I love my two girls very much, and want us to be a family...
I hate this constant bickering!
We could all be doing MUCH more fun things together!
I am sad to leave Sunnydale....but I have good feelings that I shall return here...
Manhattan should be wonderful, however...It has been some time since I have been...
Ah, New York...
Well, farewell, Sunnydale...I sincerely hope that you are here for me and my girls to return to..
And I hope that those who remain are well....
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